Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions about Spring Orientation. If you still have questions, then please click "Send A Message" above.
Are accommodations made for students with disabilities?
When will the online registration system open?
How do I change my Freshman Orientation session?
What do I need to do before attending?
Do I have to stay for the entire session?
Am I required to spend the night on campus?
My E-mail Address and Password aren't working...
Will housing be provided for me during orientation?
Can my friend and I share a room at orientation?
Can my friend and I register for the same Orientation session?
When will I receive Orientation information?
Who is considered a Freshman student?
Who is considered a Transfer student?
How do I register for Parent Orientation?
Can parents stay in a residence hall during orientation?
Do my parents or family have to come to orientation?
Can I just see an adviser on my own and not go to orientation?
Will I be able to get the classes I need at orientation?
Why can't I register for Orientation?
What is the Immunization hold on my account?
What if my job requires me to leave orientation early?
What is Directed Self-Placement?
What is the AIQ?
When can I tour the residence halls?
When will I know my housing assignment?
Can I meet individually with faculty and staff in certain offices if I need to?
Can you take my credit card information and register for me?
Do I need to bring the checkbook for tuition and fees?
What forms of payment do you accept for orientation?
Can you apply my orientation charges to my MocsExpress statement?
What can I do to become an orientation leader next year?
How do I request a refund?
How do I cancel my Orientation?
What is a MOC?
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